Project #tenbysix Update #5

Okee dokee. Over a month into part two of 100:10:1, #tenbysix. Working to complete ten prototypes in six months. I told @ifosteve I'd be done with all ten by June 18th... which is 118 days away...

Stuff I worked on this week:

So I briefly talked to @nicholasbs about RingClub last week. This week I started prototyping out one of the possible ideas I had, which was basically a recommended posts tool, but only for Recurse Center alumni blogs. I wrote a simple little scraper, and started scraping the RSS feeds of my blog and the other people doing 100:10:1 with me:

I also started reading about algorithms to do document ranking and comparison. Since I have the content of their posts, how do I pick the similar ones? Since people don't do tagging or anything similarly, this won't be incredibly easy, but the goal is to recommend three posts for every post.

I also found a bug in Creepermon. When I switched a bunch of my sites to https, I didn't have my scraper following redirects.

Finally, I'm still dreaming about Billow.in. This is probably the hardest project on here, and while I think about it a lot, I never seem to really commit. I would actually argue doing this entire project is a mode of procrastination on starting work on billowin. This seems to be a habit for me when I have big dreams. Dream about the big things, and then bail and work on the easy stuff. I should and need to fix this habit. More than my poor physical health, more than most other problems in my life, I really need to fix my fear of jumping in on larger projects.

Projects I didn't touch: