Project #tenbysix Update #3

Continuing with #tenbysix this week!

Stuff I worked on this week:

Throughout this week I got Creepermon scraping things. I'm putting the data into Keen.io.

scrape times

Their explore tool gave me this nice graph. On the left side, you'll notice that the yellow line, writing.natwelch.com, has the worst response time. This was due to a bad query on the stats page, which led me down a rabbit hole where I decided to change how my blog looks, which ended up with me changing how natwelch.com looks. So yeah, that happened. But hey, now the site is faster!

I also spent some time thinking about Gandalf. I wrote some stuff down about what the story might be. Basically setting the tone, like an anime opening sequence or something...

Projects I didn't touch: