Day 36 (RC 19)

I spent most of the day working with Pam on flushing out her idea for ShhParty. We did a bunch of whiteboarding and chatting about how to build something that doesn't know about its clients.



After whiteboarding and chatting, we paired for a while trying to figure out Peer.js, Socket.io and RTCMultiConnection.

I also wrote up two proposals for the next issue of Code Words. They are both articles I really want to write, so I'll probably write them even if they don't get accepted.

I leave you with a picture of a new meme I'm starting. Serious Cat.





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I spent some time thinking about projects for this week, but most of the afternoon was spent walking. I followed the coastline with Kate after getting coffee. I tried to make a rough map of the route we followed:

I spent all of Monday working with Ken to finish up Hyperspace, our multiplayer asteroids clone. We presented it Monday night in front of a bunch of alumni and current recursers, and it was well received.

It just hit me that it's week five of my batch. I need to sit down and figure out what I've completed. I originally wanted to ship something every three weeks, I wonder if I'm on track for that. Recurse Center has been a weird place compared to how I normally work.