Update 2016: Removed broken slideshow and flickr embeds. Whole album can be seen at https://www.flickr.com/photos/icco/albums/72157607442215856

So I decided, with a little persuasion from my roommate, to do this Project 365 thing. The concept, is very simple. You take a picture of yourself once a day for a year. This concept, in implementation is much more than simple. Problems so far a) Remembering. That's kind of a given. I was pretty sick right after we started, so taking care of myself took priority. b) Taking photos at night. Since I've been forgetting left and right a lot of my photos have been at night, which my camera does not handle well. c) Speaking of my camera, I love it, mainly because I can take it anywhere and it takes a beating like a champ, but I am starting to realize how much the image sensor sucks, which is annoying.

But whatever, I'm having fun. I've included a slideshow above of what I've done so far, and my three favorite photos, so far, below.

365 Project #4
365 Project #11
365 Project #14


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