Art in Everything

Apparently I have a strange view of life. It's not overly cynical, nor does show how to rule the world. It is not centered on video games, tools, food or technology. These views can be found elsewhere.

What I see is art. I don't see art in everything, but I do see it in a lot of things. Today as I was listening to music, I felt that I should share that on my blog, because, where else do we share these sorts of things?

So what I want to talk about is Album Art.

iTunes Screenshot

I know this goes against the time honored statement of "don't judge a book by it's cover" but let's be honest, you often need to enjoy a whole package, wrapping paper and all. I feel that this is incredibly true when it comes to music. I love music, and for those who have visited my room (or looked at my last.fm profile) notice that I almost always have music going. When iTunes added support for album covers, I started making sure that all of my music had the correct covers. This forced me to research artists more, often taking me to their websites, Wikipedia pages, myspace profiles and other reaches of the internet.

So I would like to take a moment to post some album art. It's not my favorite album art, but it is good album art. At some point I think I need to write more about new albums I get, or something, but I'll just put these images up. Please try to enjoy them for what they are, good pieces of graphic design.

NIN Album Cover The Sheppard's Son

Well before I sign off, I would like you to take notice of another thing about these covers. They all try to portray a general mood about the album. "The Man Comes Around" was one of Johnny Cash's last albums, notice how the man (Cash himself) looks worn yet proud? Blu and Exile's "Below The Heavens" was their debut album. Look at that smile, like a freshman's first day of school. Nine Inch Nails defined grunge. And look at that "With Teeth"  cover, if that doesn't remind you of industrial-ness I don't know what will. Finally Iron and Wine's "The Sheppard's Dog" is a calm album that has a panting yet warm and happy looking dog on the cover. This is a folk-rock album, and while it isn't a perfect fit, I do believe the dog works.

Anyways, just some pretty pictures for you folks.