Hey all!

I’ll be in the Pacific NorthWest on the following dates:

  • January 4-8: Portland
  • January 8-16: Seattle
  • January 16-20: Victoria, BC
  • January 20-23: Vancouver, BC

I would love to talk to folks on just about any topic, and anyone from strangers to people I’ve known for years, so please hit me up.

Things I could chat about:

  • SRE & devops
  • distributed computing
  • programming
  • politics
  • tea
  • coffee
  • beer
  • recurse center
  • any combination of the above

I would also gladly give a 20 minute talk to your company and/or community about tech and presidential campaigns, if that’s something that interests you. Or I could do an extension of my SRE Office Hours in person, if that's something you would like.

I’m free for a lot of my time (especially weekdays during the day) and would love to talk for a while, no matter how obscure our connection (following me on twitter, you attended RC, random blog stalker, whatever!)

nat@natwelch.com or @icco.



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