Devolopmentary My Dear Watson

Ideaius. The name sounds kinda silly I know. Well it is, at this point in time, going to be the first product I release from my "company" devCloud.

But first I am going to try to get some money to start this little business venture. I am doing this by applying to Innovation Quest. IQ is a competition held at my school where anyone can submit an idea, and the winner gets $15,000.

Well, I'm a finalist. This means I need to make a presentation in front of a decent sized group of people explaining my idea and why they should invest in it. But I'm hopeful, since I was picked out of 75ish groups to be in the top 15, which ups my chances just a wee bit. Sadly though, they want a lot of information in their presentation. So I need your help, could you please fill out the survey at the bottom of this post? I need to provide some statistics about people to show that the world actually wants this product.

Click Here to take survey. It's short, don't be shy.

Thanks for your help, /Nat