Day 67

So much #inspiration today. Or at least content to get me thinking about things. @niket and I had a chat on Wednesday (someone remind me to write a blog post on how I keep in touch with people), and one person that came up was his friend Gary Chou. This morning I had an email introducing us, which led me into internet stalker mode. Who is this guy? I had researched Orbital 1k a little, but that's all I knew.

What I discovered was actually the pinned tweet on @garychou.

This, plus an article my mom had emailed me sent me down a path I seem to go down every year once graduation season rolls into town: lets read people's suggestions on how to live life. I found the following articles (many linked from each other) to be quite interesting and thought provoking:

Also, just looking through the projects on SVA's IXD Festival was cool.

So what did that inspire me to do? For some reason, redesign some of my personal stuff, specifically my resume. In fact I lost most of the day to that.

It looks like this today, but it will soon look like this.

Thanks to @mrmrs_ for all the CSS tips.

I also tried to see the sunset again today, but there were too many clouds. I also started watching My Little Monster on Netflix. It's a little too slice of life for me, but who knows, I've been in an anime mood, so I might just power through.




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Slow day today. I went to The Ulitimate Science Street Fair in Washington Square Park with a few people from RC. We walked around for about an hour before the heat started to get to me and I ran back and hid in a room with AC.

Spent most of the day hanging out with Johnny Scout. We explored the high line, the Northern end of Central Park and various beer bars.