Day 85 (RC 38)

Yesterday (Tuesday), I started reading "The Magicians". I got lost in the book today. It's pretty good Fantasy.

I'm trying to get my sleep schedule back on track, but haven't quite succeeded, I still need an alarm to get to RC ontime.

In the morning, I went through a bunch of recent photos and cleaned them up and archived them.

Heidi, John and Alex Mall corridor

During the day, when I wasn't reading, I slowly moved my blog over to tachyons. I'm not sure if I'm happy with the new layout (it's very close to the same), but at the very least it's simpler from a code standpoint.

My blog used to look like:


Now it looks like:


I went to dinner and drinks in the evening with a good friend from London, Josh. Josh is a reminder that I don't keep in touch with everyone I want to. This was the first time I had talked to him since I left London, and I felt like a bit of a jerk because of that.



p.s. My blog isn't getting archived by The Internet Archive... and I have no idea why.