Summer 2011 Postcard 1

Everyone enjoys

Hello everyone!

I'm writing this to you as I head north from London to Edinburgh via the East Coast Train. It is pretty gray outside, but I've been enjoying the ride.

Anyways, this last week I have been in London, England. It has been a blast and I'm thoroughly sore from the trip.

You can see my photos from the whole trip over on Flickr.

Some general highlights and words of wisdom:

  • Visited the Tate Modern. I was blown away at the sheer amout of famous work this museum had. It was awkwardly laid out, but so many of the pieces were amazing, it's hard to complain.
  • Visited the National Gallery and the British Museum. Both amazing places with really cool stuff in them. I kind of rushed through them, but I can see how someone could devote an entire day or more to each.
  • Visited the Imperial War Museum. This place was surprisingly awesome, lots of cool and interesting artifacts.
  • Coffee and Milk is the same as a latte.
  • Most bars don't serve food between 1500 and 1800.

I did a lot of other stuff as well, but that is what is coming to mind right now. I'm looking forward to my week in Edinburgh.