Day 94


Day 94 out of 101. How did the time go by so fast?

Friday, I slept in, and then played around on the internet. I joined in the massive retweet party that was Twitter as people celebrated marriage equality in the USA.

In the afternoon, I met with Lev, who emailed me out of the blue to ask questions about RC. I didn't ask him how he found me, but I'm guessing it was from Code Words or something. Or maybe I'm internet famous and I didn't even know. We talked for a little over an hour and he seemed like a really cool person. Anyone who likes building things is okay in my book though, so maybe I have a low bar...


I took his photo, because I'm trying to get better at remembering people. RC has been a strong reminder at how horrible I am with names and faces.

I spent some time knocking off some small bugs in my blog. Links and some of the margins are now a little different.

In the evening I had drinks with @heavypennies, we talked for a while about culture at Littlebits and other stuff.

Afterwards, I went and got Shake Shack for the first time with John, Rahul and Kamal, which was pretty delicious. Only slightly over hyped.