Day 23 (RC 12)

Today, Ken and I talked more about the the Valve paper I linked yesterday. Both of us are confused, but we started to get server synced flying and shooting working despite our confusion.

Lots of bugs, but we think we can get it done by next Thursday.

Last night I went to Megan's birthday, which was a blast. Met a ton of interesting people. I have no idea how to describe Recurse Center to people though. I try a different way every time, and every time no one gets it.




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Spent most of the day preparing for RC's Job Fair. That meant spending time thinking about what I want for the future and questions that I wanted to ask companies. The question I came up with that I had the most fun asking was "Who at your company inspires you?". I want to use this more when talking to companies. I got a lot of interesting answers.