A #happy post! Ontime! Huzzah.

First things first: I got two of my life review things done. I updated my changelog and I posted my quarter in review.

I didn't even know some of these adaptations were coming out, but here is a list of 21 Books to Read Before They Become 2017 Adaptations.

I really enjoyed Debbie Millman talking to Jonathan Adler on Design Matters.

Rayna meets a "robot" is adorable.

When Pixels Collide was an interesting writeup of Reddit's April Fools joke.

In 2016 U.S. Special Operations Forces Deployed to 138 Nations, 70% of the World’s Countries is just an interesting read. It all makes sense, but sometimes you forget what all of those DoD $ are going to.

The Great Laptop Stagnation is a decent review of the most recent Macbook Pro by @mgsiegler.

Seattle's SR 99 Tunneling Machine Is Finally Done Digging is an update on my favorite infrastructure story of the past few years.

Ubuntu Unity is dead is a story that just kills me because of all the drama that went down when Ubuntu switched to Unity in the first place.

'Ghost in the Shell': 4 Japanese Actresses Dissect the Movie and Its Whitewashing Twist was a fun read and take on the film.

@nayafia is awesome and is giving away $5,000, no strings attached. This caused me to do a lot of research into what it would take to create a foundation. It'd be really neat to give money away with a little bit of accountability attached to promote people creating cool shit.

Hackers Are Emptying ATMs With a Single Drilled Hole and $15 Worth of Gear. Because no one ever remembers that in technology 80% of the work is maintenance.

Steve Martin’s infamous Empty Booth was left empty on purpose is just a funny story.

Finally, I was pretty sick last week, so spent a day and change binge watching Shokugeki no Soma, which is utterly amazing. It can be a little sexist at points, but in general has amazing writing, interesting action, and totally fantastic.

I hope you have a great week!