What's making me happy 2017-04-16

Look at me! I'm writing a post on time!


Ok. Enough of that, #happy time. Lets start with 23 High Five GIFs.

Is Invisible is a pretty list of beautiful products you'll probably never buy.

On the Topic of Early Birds and Worms is just plain funny.

Etsy Living Building Challenge is interesting. I hadn't heard of the Living Building Challenge before, but it's an interesting set of requirements.

Two weeks with Terraform by @mipsytipsy is a great read. It's an old post now, but shows what Terraform has worked to fix, and what things are still broken.

@pitchfork has a good quick list of music that dropped last week.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Teaser & Thor: Ragnarok Teaser.

Taxes suck. I didn't realize how easy they are in the rest of the world until when I was in London, most of my coworkers told me they only really had to file taxes when they had a major life event (having a kid, getting married, etc). The New York Times talks about this in an op-ed which I enjoyed: Filing Taxes in Japan Is a Breeze. Why Not Here?.

Historian: Because Please, Stop Deleting My Bash History is an interesting idea. I have no doubt at some point people will start using this, and then committing their sqlite databases to dotfile repos, which will have passwords in them, which will then become an attack vector.

Place Matrix by @joeyhagedorn is a neat little art project.

@ringer has an article on why The Expanse is so great. I agree with the post.

I've been doing some research on monitoring stuff, and came across a list of statsd server implementations. I did not realize there were so many.

Miami Herald cartoonist Jim Morin's Pulitzer Prize-winning entries are all pretty funny. Weird connection thing is that I found out @ldehn knows Morin from when she was at the Herald. Which makes sense, I just had no idea.

Brexit passport design competition is very beautiful list of passports. None of them are real and the competition is unofficial, but they are so cool.

The latest Reply All series, #91 The Russian Passenger & #93 Beware All, are a great listen and explain a lot of internet security problems.

The wonderful @suelynyu wrote up her design work at Hillary for America, and it's a great list of things the campaign built.

I still think Bear Cam is the best, but The Verge is claiming that Jelly Cam is the new Bear Cam.

Only Child written by John Hodgman from Dead Pilots Society is amazingly hilarious.

I love reading about stuff people are doing at the Recurse Center. @tamrrat posted RC week #1 & RC week #2.

@newtang has a list of stuff they put in their Emergency Supply Kit. I've been thinking of doing this for a while. I haven't had one since I left SF.

I hope you have a great week!