Day 71 (RC 30) and Day 72 (RC 31)

Lets see, the last two days were pretty whirlwind. Probably the biggest thing on Wednesday was I met @garychou in person. We chatted about building educational systems, how teaching can improve people's lives, how to figure out what to do in the future, what he is doing with @orbitalnyc, and other random topics. I left feeling pretty inspired.

That afternoon, I talked with @ffwang2, this weeks resident at RC, about how I need to tell a story with my DDoS article. I very much wasn't. I've got a six hour plane flight tomorrow though, so hopefully I can get it knocked out then.

I came across http://streaksapp.com/, which I've wanted to build as a text messaging service for a long time. It looks like it works pretty well as an app.

In the evening I had drinks with a weird selection of people from my past. It was weird, I don't really know what else to say for now. Ask me later.

Thursday, I was a little hung over. I attempted to follow a tutorial to create a Swift OS X app, but ended up giving up due to brain fog. @jdherg mentioned Tumblr's new gif search, which really got me excited. I recorded the basic interaction, and then sat down and reverse engineered their gif search, and created a web app wrapper. I presented on how I did this to RC during the Thursday talks, which was cool. People seemed to really like it.

When I got home, I bought and set up http://giftionary.city. It needs a lot of work, but it works for now.

After the talks, but before going home, I went to Strand Books and Forbidden Planet, and nerded out for a few hours.