Day 70 (RC 29)

Early morning coffee and bagel with an old friend in DUMBO. I hadn't been around there before, nice area.

Read through Who is hiring June 2015 on hn, just like I did last month. I was even less picky than I was last month. Basically if something in the job post caught my eye (location, technology, market, name, whatever) I tried to put them here. Link to their site, their Hn post, a short summary, and where they were hiring for. People still suck at describing what they do on their website.

So many of these websites were horrible. I'd say about 75% need to hire someone to redo all of their copy and homepage design so that people can figure out WTF they are doing.

In the evening Cole, Ken, Jesse and I played Kingsburg, which was complicated, but fun.