What's making me happy 2016-10-24

15 days until the presidential election. Let's put up a #happy post to distract from everything that means.

Speaking of politics, I've mentioned before that working on the campaign has forced my content intake to be tweaked heavily towards politics. It's been interesting, as I've been learning so much about politics in the US, but also I've become somewhat annoying to have in conversations. I'm at the level where I have no other good small talk. I'm really looking forward to December where my brain will stop jumping to politics as a topic for conversation. So here are a few things related to this election that I've enjoyed:

In non politics things: The Federal Government’s Latest Project: Squirrel GIFs was funny.

XLR8R's Podcast 451: Lord RAJA was a great EDM set. Highly recommend.

I'm really excited for the "Nintendo Switch".

I'm really enjoying How I Built This, and the Clif Bar episode was especially good.

I put in an order for a Google Pixel, and WIRED's Google Pixel Review made me glad of my purchase.

I've really enjoyed The Awl's "How to not drink" series:

Borrowed Time is a gorgeous short video.

The DDoS against Dyn didn't make me happy, but here are some articles on it, since I lost a day or two to the attack.

I hope this week is better than the last!