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I woke up to something beautiful this morning. A voice was on the radio, and it was apologising. The voice was Denis Constantine, the head of KFOG. And he was apologising for presenting a radio show which was not what the listeners wanted. A few weeks after trying something new, KFOG came on the air, said that their experiment failed, and presented its listeners with new Morning Show hosts.

Cal Poly has been an interesting place for the last four and a half years. The school's motto is "Learn By Doing", and I have found no reason to disagree. Poly has taught me to create new things and try everything. Today, Marissa Mayer, came to Poly to talk about "Innovation at the Googleplex", and I think it's interesting to compare her views of corporate innovation to the innovation and real-life experience that is promoted here at Cal Poly. So here is my summary of her talk.

I've been consistently failing to write these #happy posts. My excuses are long and varied, but none of them are good. Nor did their outcome compensate for the happiness these posts bring me. I'm starting a timer today while writing this. Just to prove to myself how long these take to write. So then, maybe I'll get back to my weekly schedule.