Day 24

I spent early morning fighting with gcloud, which had pushed a bad version. I fixed and simplified some of my feed generation code for my blog, but couldn't deploy it.

I then walked to breakfast with the wonderful @saturnial. We caught up on life and what not. He then went to work, and since the fact that I'm always wandering came up in our conversation, and it was still rush hour (we finished around 9am), I decided to walk to RC over the Williamsburg Bridge and work from there.


Once I got in, I realized my resume was out of date, so I cleaned that up.

There was a long twitter discussion with @shtice and @dmpatierno about how I don't use titles on most of my blog posts, so I'm going to try and take their post title suggestions.

Then @jf noticed my site was broken in Firefox. I fixed my usage of hyphens and word-break, as Firefox and Chrome act differently. This bug forced me to find an alternate way to push my site.

I then sat down and added more improvements to my site's statistics page.

After a while I started working with Ken to help him get asteroid generation in Hyperspace so that asteroids are randomly generated by the server and seen the same by all players.

For a day that wasn't an official RC day, it was rather productive! In the evening, we played a bunch of rounds of Avalon then I went home and watched Daredevil.