Project #tenbysix Update #9

Only three days late on posting my #tenbysix update... whoops.

Stuff I worked on this week:

I spent a lot of time thinking about locative.garden. I'm thinking of going more old-school alternative reality and designing a game that requires you to connect to certain wi-fi access points to play it.

I started building a web frontend that's a combination of Go and React. The idea is once you connect to the access point, you start talking to it via a chat interface. Something between a MUD and a chat bot.

Then your conversations at one access point will affect conversations at other access points. Or something.

I was also thinking it'd be cool if people could add their own access points, and there was some way for access points to figure out where they were by talking to people.

I also made some progress on Today. Nothing substantial, but progress.

Both of these projects are going slow, because I'm trying to teach myself React, and learn how people write React with Go. I started with the go-starter-kit, but I'm thinking that's overkill now. That and I'm running into the problem I always have. I don't do well when I'm given too much. This was my problem with Rails and Django as entry ways into programming Ruby and Python. As soon as I switched to more minimal frameworks, I was able to program much faster and actually learn the language.

Projects I didn't touch: