I've been in a bit of a funk today, but overall this week was a #happy one. My brother visited, all week, and we had fun romping around NYC.

Nat and Travis

We saw The Revenant, which was really good.

I listened to two episodes of Design Matters which I loved Brandon Stanton and Kate Bolick. Both had pretty motivational things to say, and very interesting lives.

@mrmrs_ put out two fantastic pieces of writing on web design: "CSS and Scalability" and "The Veil of Ignorance".

I enjoyed Andy Grove’s Warning to Silicon Valley.

I also stumbled across Just Fucking Build It by @spritz, which was good pre-reading for a hackathon I'm attending tomorrow.

I loved the artwork in Cyberpunk Illustrations of a Dystopian Future so much, I backed the kickstarter.

"What you think about Millennials says a lot about you, nothing about them" made me laugh, and I found the whole presentation really spot-on.

@SHO_TheCircus filmed in our office, and I really liked the bonus video called The Origin of 'Love Trumps Hate' that they put on Youtube.

Finally, I came across thegreatestgameyouwilleverplay.com. This website is a gorgeous dedication to one of my all time favorite games, Nethack.

I hope you have a great week!



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