What's making me happy 2019-03-17

I missed last weeks #happy post, but this week I'm back on the train! Also trying to go back to the old format, as my pick one format wasn't doing it for me.

I saw Apollo 11 over the weekend, and it was fantastic. It has received mostly positive reviews, and I found it thrilling. Based entirely on archival footage and uses only Walter Cronkite news coverage as the description, I found it a great way to experience a wonderful part of history.

The Pyrex Glass Controversy That Just Won't Die is an interesting read on the history of Pyrex and controversies surrounding it.

The Container Ship Tourism Industry is an older article, that I may have linked in the past, but I truly enjoy it.

Thinkpad X210 is about a piece of hardware you can buy from Chinese hobbyists. It makes me think of @greatdismal, as it's a piece of hardware based on upgrading an old thing to make it more powerful because of its appeal.

The Intercept, a billionaire-funded public charity, cuts back is sad news, as I used to work with those laid off. My biggest problem with the article and the reaction, is that people still can't disconnect The Intercept from Greenwald. It has so much amazing coverage that has nothing to do with him, and to see that work tarnished because folks don't like Greenwald saddens me. I hope everyone laid off lands on their feet.

I am reading Studio D 2018 End of Year Report a few months late, but I love the work they do. It often makes me want to quit my job and become a field researcher.

James May has made the BEST unboxing video on the internet - I love The Grand Tour, and their most recent episode has a social media challenge. James May's creation was fantastic.

Implementing GraphQL at Major League Soccer is a fun article about GraphQL, but also an interesting look into the technical challenges of an organization I enjoy but don't think about much.

Growing Up Moonie is a comic about something I knew nothing about, and caused me to do a lot of reading. Yay art that promotes empathy and education!

Fantasy's Widow: The Fight Over The Legacy Of Dungeons & Dragons is a bananas read about the wife of Gary Gygax (the creator of D&D). I hadn't heard about any of this.

A dog named Murphy

Finally, a pic of a cute dog from Reddit.

Have a great week!