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Twitter Mysteries

A random compromised twitter account followed me today.


This account has just been posting spam since 2014, but it made me think about an interesting idea. What if there were more mysteries on twitter? How could you signal to a person that this account is part of a game online, without forcefully providing the context of the game.

If this account had said "part of 'Account Hunt 2016'", I might be interested in finding out what that is, but very possibly, I'd immediately think it wasn't real.

Instead this Twitter bio of "save me 9 / 25" implies that something is going on today. What if this accounts tweets lead you to a real place in the world? Or to a deep corner of the internet with more clues?

Just something to think about.



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Ok, I'm trying something. I've mentioned that I'm not reinstalling Twitter on my phone. So I've built a little Heroku App that emails you tweets from people you don't want to miss a tweet from. It runs once a day, and returns just plain text tweets with as little formatting as possible.

Still trying to write every time I visit RC. I was thinking about going in today (who knows, maybe still will) and got a sense of guilt that I hadn't published this yet. On Thursday, the sixth of August, I came in and hung out at RC. RC invites alumni attend RC as if they never left every Thursday, which is pretty neat.

Today (Well technically yesterday, as I'm posting this a day late) I Learned that RC is much quieter on Fridays. Spent the morning working through implementing an Archive page for this blog. It's been awhile since I've written much Go, so I feel like I forgot everything.

More random sysadmin things as I continue my rewrite of my personal serving stack.