Day 91 (RC 41)

Today I collected a lot of advice. I was like a rock on a beach, every wave of advice polishing me a little more.


Or something.

In the morning I had a nice hangout with the globe trotting @bryantdetwiller. A lot of what he said rang true, but one quote really hit me "It's about the people, not the venue". He also echoed the value of art and culture that NYC has to offer, and mentioned it was one of the reasons that brought him to NYC recently.

In the evening, I had a long chat with my mom about life and work and stuff. She was full of great advice (and always is). She reminded me of things like being excited about what you're doing and taking jobs that move you forward towards who you want to be. We talked a lot about the importance of people, things I knew I didn't like, how nothing is forever, and lots of other random stuff.

We ended up comparing life to video games, which was pretty hilarious. My mom wants me to play life more like Mario instead of an FPS. Seems legit.


In between those two conversations, I spent some time at RC. I finished and merged my rewrite of mood.natwelch.com. I also discovered Rack Deflate which I'm sad I've never known about before. I used to do this stuff by hand...

In the afternoon I had a long interview with Un1verse. I think it went well. I enjoyed talking to @josephcohen about his philosophies and inspirations (my "who inspires you" interview question continues to be amazing). I had a good time talking to @luke0x, @CodeAthena and @saturnial about engineering and building things with immutable state. And finally @mames and I spent way too much time talking about culture.

It was a good interview, a much different process than what most startups do, which was pretty enlightening.

Advice I got a long ago from @dmpatierno was something along the lines of "optomize for the path of least regret." I'm not entirely sure what that would look like right now, but I'm thinking that may involve staying in NYC for a little bit.