Day 92 (RC 42)

The end is neigh!

I had a morning call with @niket. We talked about life, video games, why automating things is important, and other fun stuff.

I had a nice lunch with Sonali. We talk a lot about jobs, what I want, how to approach some of these companies.

I interviewed with Nat at the Hillary Clinton campaign. I have mixed feelings about the interview. Definitely not my strongest technical interview.

@pamasaur had a great quote during an online chat, which I 100% agree with: "we so easily forget how long it took us to learn everything we have".

@dmpatierno linked me to a segment of an interview with Bezon on his regret minimalization framework.

And finally, my Code Words article on DDoS launched. So excited for this to be out in the wild.

Ashoka talked about building maps for the web. Both the history of the topic and the current problems. I found this super interesting. If I had a little more time, I might try to build a tile server.

Ann approached me with this weird Ruby syntax I hadn't seen before:

class Blah
  class << self
    attr_accessor :thing

So I sat with her as we figured out what it meant and also explained the Singleton and Factory design patterns.

In the evening I went for a long walk with Eleanor down to Battery Park. Afterwards I had a phone call with a friend from SLO and he pitched me an idea. This kind of reminded me that I could extend my time being unemployed by doing some contracting work.

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