What's making me happy 2017-10-20

This month has kind of sucked. You'll notice a half-finished homepage here, mainly because I relaunched my site in frustration. Lots of things are broken, but if there is something you particularly miss, please let me know by email or @icco on Twitter.

Anyways, let us do a #happy post to close out the week, lighten my mood.

So, I haven't been caught up with the Anime airing in a while, so I enjoyed reading r/anime's End of Summer 2017 Survey Results!. From this list, I've started watching RE:Creators, Princess Principle and Gamers!. We shall see how many I stick with, but I'm enjoying them all so far.

While I was looking for anime, I also went looking for new movies and television:

I'm excited to see the MongoDB IPO. I'm hoping they do well.

Also in database related things, how discord stores billions of messages.

The NYT released video-transcoding-api, an agnostic API to transcode media assets across different cloud services. Seems cool. Glad to see it open-sourced.

How the judge on Oracle v. Google taught himself to code is a very good profile on a federal judge.

Wirecutter Review: The Best Paper Towel for Mopping Up Tears made me laugh.

The Atlantic put out a poorly headlined, but interesting article on how smartphones are affecting people in high school.

The War To Sell You A Mattress Is An Internet Nightmare is just fascinating.

My Little Cluster Story is a cool story and idea from @carolynvs about building your own kubernetes cluster.

The Data Behind the Stories of Trump's Presidency has some interesting graphs.

Meet the new Google Calendar for web. I'm using it, and liking it so far.

Experimental City: The Sci-Fi Utopia That Never Was.

What Are the Actual Objections to Girls in Boy Scouts? is one of the better written think pieces supporting women in the BSA.

How to Get More People to Ride the Bus is an interesting look at bus ridership in Seattle.

I really enjoyed @mattklein123's Service mesh data plane vs. control plane. I hadn't thought of some of the ideas he presents, and I like them a lot.

I'm excited for the LTSE, and glad to see them getting profiled in WSJ: Can the New Long-Term Stock Exchange Disrupt Capitalism?

One of this week's Money Stuff articles, Black Monday and Long-Term Investors, talked about automation and system failure and when it's good to replace humans. I saw a lot of parallels to my industry, which was nice.

I read three great pieces on Github's infrastructure this week:

Warren Buffett's "2 List" Strategy is a neat system. I'm not going to use it, but it matches my 100:10:1 project from a while back.

at 20 by @ftrain was a good read, and fun to think about how long I've been building websites. My first website launched 2003-12-13T00:20:28Z.

Bleachers: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert was good. I think I've shared it before, but I'm still listening to it.

What I Learned From Reading Every Amazon Shareholders Letter was interesting, but not really surprising.

The Fies Files: A Fire Story made me cry.

Universal Paperclips absorbed most of my Saturday.

Level Up by 20k Hertz was a good listen.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer. Obviously.

Have You Encountered the Softboy? & San Francisco: now with more dystopia were both good and depressing.

Finally, the latest console.fm episode, ConsoleFM 68 was a great Fall weather listen.

Hope you have a great week.