Day 65 (RC 27)

Ok, I won't lie to you, I lost a lot of time today to reading about Google I/O and discussing it with people. Sadly none of Google's announcements promissed a way to lower device turnover. We're still gonna have to buy a new device every year if we want the newest version of Android. It's realities like this that make me want to move to Apple devices, no matter how much better Android is.

Another thing that took up a bunch of my time was @alexbaldwin telling me my wallpaper site wasn't showing up in Google. This led me down a rabbit hole because my site was running slow, running on a deprecated Heroku stack, and I had a bunch of wallpapers to finish making in my queue.

What I really wanted to do today, was build Meet. I got started, in that I got basic OAuth with RC working. Now I just need to get all of the functionality besides auth working. The idea is a site that matches you with someone else in RC every day, so you get to know everyone in the space. If it works well, then I hope to start matching alumni as well.

I also spent some time thinking about Go Challenge 4.

I presented some of the work I've been doing on my blog since I got to RC, which led to an interesting discussion with Yuta.

Chris presented his awesome project gittorrent (link is useless), and said something at the end that really got me thinking: Why aren't we building more ambitious projects that only require users and their tools, and not funding to build.

After talks, I wandered a bit and then saw Mad Max. It was good, although not too surprising.

On my way home I wandered past the WTC and checked out the memorial from a distance (it's closed at night). Then stumbled past Zuccotti Park and Wall st. I took some pictures, but @Flickr is being stupid, so I'll try uploading them in the morning.




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Sunday was lowkey, just found a place to live (Gravesend) for my next two months in NYC. Farther than I had wanted, but all my other options fell apart, and this is super cheap. Went out to dinner and drinks in Astoria in the evening. Quite a nice area.

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday! First week of the new batch, Summer 1, 2015. RC batches overlap, which I think is pretty cool. So the first six weeks, half of the people here were from Spring 1, 2015, and then for the second six weeks, half of the people here are from Summer 1, 2015. Yay change!

So, Wednesday, I spent a lot of time researching productivity tools. I generally believe coding is like writing, so when I saw ProductHunt had a Tools for Writers, I got lost for hours. Some of the cool things I saw included:

I spent most of Monday restructuring my Code Words article on DDoS. Slowly things are coming together.