I'm not a very religious man, but the one time a year my family invokes religion at the table is Thanksgiving. It's always an awkward thing, as no one in my immediate family historically has had any particularly eloquent prayers saved up. A few years ago I started writing down my favorites from life and television, so I figured I'd post my go tos here in case anyone out there is stuck in a similar situation as I have been in the past.

My first is a deviation on the Serenity Prayer.

Grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change,
The courage to change the things we can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

I know this second one from Boy Scout Camp as the "Oljato Grace", but is listed in wikipedia as The Wilderness Grace.

For food, for raiment,
For life, for opportunities,
For friendship and fellowship,
We thank Thee, O Lord. Amen.

Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.



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