What's making me happy 2015-12-04

Continuing my podcast addiction, ReplyAll's Quit Already was probably the best thing on my normal rotation of podcasts this week. It was a perfect example of why I love the internet: People with similar goals from different walks of life being brought together both online and in person to change the world.

The next thing was Pop Culture Happy Hour's interview with Trevor Noah. I really like PCHH, and while I haven't gotten back in the habit of watching the daily show every day since Stewart left, I do like what Noah has to say. This was an interesting interview, although it covered common ground from some of his other interviews.

Oh, and I found a talk by Debbie Milman that I hadn't heard, and since I love hearing her voice, it made me #happy as well.

Alex shared this fantastic article about linguistics and Blink182 which had me humming songs from middle school and thinking about California.

J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar both released "Black Friday", which were fantastic rap songs to listen to back to back.

In the engineering world, GitHub's Metal Cloud was a cool look into GitHub. This is how you're supposed to do DevOps. Google had a similar system, and as people spend more time in the cloud, you see less about this kind of work, which is a little sad.

Finally, my mom is visiting this weekend, and we went and saw The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time which was absolutely fantastic. The acting was amazing, and the story was beautiful. I was in tears halfway through. It also had a really cool set, and really amazing use of light.

Anyways, I hope you had and have a great week.