Day 50

Day 50. Damn. Literally the halfway point already. I need to sit down and do a real evaluation of my time spent so far.

Yesterday I spent most of the time chatting, both online and inperson. In the afternoon, I think I finally got a handle on Tachyons. The trick was finding the docs (Which are very much a work in progress) and then just reading through the source. When talking to the author @mrmrs_ later, it sounds like this is how he suggests people learn CSS anyways, so that's good.


Most of what I sussed out of Tachyons was actually published the next morning in a post called "What are Classes for?". This makes a ton of sense to me, and is definitely something I wasn't doing before. CSS is usually such a last thought for me, so frontend reuse isn't important, so I wasn't thinking about it like I think of most other things. Gonna need to change my habits. I'm trying to write as few lines of CSS as possible with my current project, so we'll see how it goes.

I also saw LED Notification Cube is a Good First Project on Hackaday, which reminded me I want to do some Pi hacking while I'm still at RC.

Finally, I loved the writing in Studio Ghibli’s Spaces of Escape and Longing. I wish I could create experiences like Ghibli does with my code.