I just found out my grandfather and I shared the same birthday. I never really met my grandfather, but my uncle put together this wonderful PDF showing some highlights from his life.

Rest in peace.


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Ok, I've been completely failing on writing and getting things done while I've been traveling. But today we need to change that.

I think Lucre is an interesting idea. Create a single serving page to let a person receive money. But I think he's missing the point, as there is no incentive to give him the money. This seems to be the issue I see with certain technologies and companies as well. Sure you've made a cool technology, but the reason to use it is missing or nonsensical.

Now that I no longer live in SF, I don't feel as protective about the places I frequented often. For someone who hasn't lived in SF, this may seem like a strange sentiment. But once you get used to long lines and impossible seating every time your favorite restaurant makes it onto some foodies blog, many become hesitant to share where they frequent.