I just found out my grandfather and I shared the same birthday. I never really met my grandfather, but my uncle put together this wonderful PDF showing some highlights from his life.

Rest in peace.


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I'm not sure if I've just drank too much Koolaid, but I am not surprised by this youtube change. It's been evident to me from the early says of G+ that Google wanted a unified login system. As a Google Apps user, it was so obvious that everything was broken about the login system. Now Larry is in charge, and he wants all products speaking the same language. Google first unified the design language to get you used to the fact that everything is one Google. Now, slowly all of your accounts are being unified.

Just a reminder that security through obscurity is a lie. "Dan Tentler demonstrated how he used Shodan to find control systems for evaporative coolers, pressurized water heaters, and garage doors."

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time again for Nathaniel "Nat" Welch's year in review. Compared to 2012, 2013 was a little quieter, in the beginning, but the Fall was pretty insane. Read on for the play by play.