What's making me happy 2017-01-15

First #happy post of 2017. Here we go!

I am really enjoying the new albums by The XX and Bonobo. Both have been on repeat this past week, and have been quite enjoyable.

I read How I got my attention back this morning. It's the third statement by people I respect (the other two being @fablednet and @mel_cantrell) telling me they had removed Twitter and Facebook from their phones. So I am removing both. I had actually uninstalled Facebook a while back, and Twitter I removed this morning. I hope this will get me back into journaling and writing on here. @craigmod's article really hit home. Not going extreme enough to block the domains on my laptop, but definitely trying to lower distractions.

ArsTechnica covered TASbot's crazy run from yesterday at Games Done Quick: How a robot got Super Mario 64 and Portal “running” on an SNES. I highly recommend watching the video. It's a total trip.

The Line of Death is an interesting discussion on security and user-interfaces.

I couldn't stop laughing while reading Please Stop Using Doughnuts as Sex Toys. So hilarious!

The A.V. Club's most anticipated games of 2017 is a pretty indepth article talking about what is coming out in the world of video games in 2017.

Obama Awards Biden Presidential Medal Of Freedom brought many people I know to tears.

Best Anime Movies Not Made by Studio Ghibli is a fantastic list of great anime films. I highly recommend all of these.

Hacking an Election by the Hacked Podcast was an interesting listen, just because of how old it is, and how much things have changed since they put it out.

The Kanye-thon by the Still Processing Podcast is an amazing if you like Kanye. I missed a few of the things they talk about, and it was a fascinating look into the life of Kanye.

I still have a strong love of time, so I was pretty excited that their Stratum 1 Microserver HOWTO shipped.

Anyways, I hope you're having a good new year, and I hope you have a great week.