What's making me happy 2021-06-06

It has been a long time since a #happy post. So long apparently that I broke tag lookup on my blog and I didn’t notice. The last thing looking like a happy post was called the nat index which lasted all of one post. So today, I decided I would bring back my weekly posts.

Two IRL things that are making me happy is my mom is visiting, and I went to a Nets game last week!

The Brooklyn Nets beat the Celtics as 15k people watch.

Melissa, Lydia and Me at CIA before dinner.

In media, I’ve been on a strong anime kick this season, because this season has been amazing! I tweeted some of these out already, but I’ll make a list of what I’m watching:

I keep posting what I watch on https://anilist.co/user/icco/ if you want to follow along.

In interesting and/or fun links:

Anyways! Hope you’re doing well.