Project #tenbysix Update #1

Whee, #tenbysix...

Ok, I did nothing this week until now... but better late than never.

I went through and made sure I had github repoisitories for everything and made sure everything had a nice codename.

  • Today: An RSS reader focused on giving you five articles a day that you have to read

I started an idea of this project back at RC, but never made any real progress. The github repo is at https://github.com/icco/today. I own the domain roughly.today, so that'll probably be the final name.

  • Creepermon: A simple monitoring app that takes a list of URLs and starts monitoring them over time.

I tried to create this years ago, but never succeeded. The repo is at https://github.com/icco/creepermon. I now really hate this name. Not sure if I'll keep it.

  • enki.garden: A personal internet archive

I own enki.garden, so I think I'll use that as the name for this one. https://github.com/icco/enki.garden is where the code will be.

  • Gandalf: A video game about Gandalf in Tokyo

Oh god, this is the one as soon as I mention it, everyone seems interested in. I'm already anxious... anyways, github repo created: https://github.com/icco/gandalf

  • longplay.club: An app that plays a different 10 second piano ditty when you open it

I own longplay.club, and since this is totally about short things, I think I'll be funny, and go with that. Github: https://github.com/icco/longplay.club

  • RingClub: An advertising platform for RC

I need to talk to @nicholasbs about this, but I'll create the repo for now: https://github.com/icco/ringclub

  • Forgetful: A clone of genius.com to store personal highlights of websites

I bought forgetful.website for this one. We'll see how it goes. https://github.com/icco/forgetful

  • locative.garden: Some sort of Tamagotchi clone that uses AR

Bought a new domain for this one. https://github.com/icco/locative.garden

  • PCA: Give an address and $2, get a generated piece of art in the mail

I'll probably just host this at postcard.natwelch.com or pca.natwelch.com... time will tell. https://github.com/icco/pca

  • Billow.in: A Heroku clone

I like this name, the other options are natroku and buildathing.club. Need to figure it out. https://github.com/icco/billowin (and I also have git repos with those other names... oi).

That's all of them! Next week I should try and make progress on one project, and maybe flush out a few readmes...