Whee, #tenbysix...

Ok, I did nothing this week until now... but better late than never.

I went through and made sure I had github repoisitories for everything and made sure everything had a nice codename.

  • Today: An RSS reader focused on giving you five articles a day that you have to read

I started an idea of this project back at RC, but never made any real progress. The github repo is at https://github.com/icco/today. I own the domain roughly.today, so that'll probably be the final name.

  • Creepermon: A simple monitoring app that takes a list of URLs and starts monitoring them over time.

I tried to create this years ago, but never succeeded. The repo is at https://github.com/icco/creepermon. I now really hate this name. Not sure if I'll keep it.

  • enki.garden: A personal internet archive

I own enki.garden, so I think I'll use that as the name for this one. https://github.com/icco/enki.garden is where the code will be.

  • Gandalf: A video game about Gandalf in Tokyo

Oh god, this is the one as soon as I mention it, everyone seems interested in. I'm already anxious... anyways, github repo created: https://github.com/icco/gandalf

  • longplay.club: An app that plays a different 10 second piano ditty when you open it

I own longplay.club, and since this is totally about short things, I think I'll be funny, and go with that. Github: https://github.com/icco/longplay.club

  • RingClub: An advertising platform for RC

I need to talk to @nicholasbs about this, but I'll create the repo for now: https://github.com/icco/ringclub

  • Forgetful: A clone of genius.com to store personal highlights of websites

I bought forgetful.website for this one. We'll see how it goes. https://github.com/icco/forgetful

  • locative.garden: Some sort of Tamagotchi clone that uses AR

Bought a new domain for this one. https://github.com/icco/locative.garden

  • PCA: Give an address and $2, get a generated piece of art in the mail

I'll probably just host this at postcard.natwelch.com or pca.natwelch.com... time will tell. https://github.com/icco/pca

I like this name, the other options are natroku and buildathing.club. Need to figure it out. https://github.com/icco/billowin (and I also have git repos with those other names... oi).

That's all of them! Next week I should try and make progress on one project, and maybe flush out a few readmes...



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I'm really stuck right now on #tenbysix. I'm having total architectural block. My brain just needs to code something to make progress, but it's not happening.

Sure, we could talk about how there was no update number twelve, or that over the past three weeks I have made no real progress on any of my projects, but that would be a defeatist attitude.