Ok team, I know I've been failing to publish regularly, and for that I am sorry.

My internal anxiety is that I've got so much I want to share, and curating that seems insurmountable. So instead, I'm taking a hint from the infamous @niket, and just suggesting one thing per category. So here's the first #happy post in a very, very long time.

One great listen: Reply All's The Founder is fascinating. It features one of my favorite journalists, @ev_rat, and is an amazing story about programming, organized crime, infrastructure and people.

One great watch: Russian Doll on Netflix. It's absolutely amazing. @mel_cantrell and I binge watched it, and while dark, it was hilarious, beautiful and creepy. The NYT collected a bunch of great write ups about the show.

One great read: I really enjoyed What would a EvE online Internet look like? by @benjojo12. It's a fascinating dive into internet infrastructure and thinking about how technology scales to cover large spans of space.

And a photo! Because I've added photo upload support to my blog for the first time in… years.

Finn the dog, contemplating the meaning of snow in the Catskills.

Have a great one!



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