What's making me happy 2015-12-19

Ok, what's making me #happy? Let's think about this for a second...

Well, as a believer in Kopimism, this article about Peter Sunde building The Ultimate Piracy Machine made me pretty ecstatic. Probably the best art piece explaining why the RIAA is wrong so far.

Speaking of music and art, 10x15 is out. It's a yearly project where a bunch of designers make album art for their favorite ten albums of the year.

Oh, and music wise, I've been listening to a lot of Nujabes and DJ Sprinkles.

Continuing the Conan video I linked last week, I've been watching these videos where Conan interacts with his coworkers, which are just amazing.

Also in the late night television youtube wars, Jimmy Fallon sings a "Star Wars" medley is pretty fantastic if you like a capellas. Also, if you like rap, Chance the Rapper's performance of "Somewhere in Paradise" on SNL was pretty solid. Plus he's the first independent musical artist on SNL, so that's cool.

I seem to be on a Youtube kick, so I guess I'll post two other videos I loved:

In the tech world, I read It's Still the Data, Stupid!, which was a good reminder that you should secure your internet services. I was introduced to Scout2 this week, and if you run on AWS, you should run it and realize how insecure you are.

@stratus also posted the draft Go 1.6 release notes, which led me to a nice blog post informing me that Go is now six years old which is kind of mind blowing.

My holiday vacation has started, so I'm gonna get back to coding, learning to cook Tamagoyaki, and reading Best Of articles.

Have a good one!