Things making me happy this week

I keep telling myself I need to get back into writing. I was listening to a podcast I really like, Pop Culture Happy Hour, and had a brilliant idea.

You see, PCHH has a segment at the end of every episode, titled "what's making us happy this week". In this segment, they go around the table and ask everyone what media is making them happy this week. It's always fun and interesting to me, so: why don't I post the same thing on my blog. I consume enough content, it'll be easy!

So, things that are making me #happy this week:

I was sick for the last five or so days, so spent a lot of time watching TV. I rewatched Planetes, which is a fantastic anime that aired ten years ago about the mundane life of being in space. It's funny, awkward, has great character development, and a fantastic premise. Would recommend to anyone who doesn't mind subtitles and likes space.

I also continue to be hooked on Destiny. I've enjoyed the grinding, the multiplayer continues to be good, and the Iron Banner event that just started has reminded me I am horrible.

Finally, I started running a remote D&D campaign using the pre-made campaign Hoard of the Dragon Queen. The reviews said it would be good, and for my first time running a campaign in about a year, we all had a blast.

Hope you're having a good week.