Ok, I'm trying something. I've mentioned that I'm not reinstalling Twitter on my phone. So I've built a little Heroku App that emails you tweets from people you don't want to miss a tweet from. It runs once a day, and returns just plain text tweets with as little formatting as possible.

It's setup as a Heroku one click deploy, so you should be able to click a button in the readme and deploy your own version if you're interested. Feature suggestions and tweaks welcome.


It's not complicated code, so hit me up with pull requests or issues on Github.





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I'm in kind of a funk. A weird existential funk, thinking about jobs, the communities I'm apart of, what I want to accomplish with my life, etc. Interestingly enough, creating these #happy posts is a really easy way for me to get my mind off of things. My blog's "new post" UI just provides me with a list of page titles (hence why I complain at people when they don't have unique per page title tags). So I just slowly read through subject lines trying to remember what this post was I read sometime in the last ten days.

"Onions in the varnish" is a pretty neat phrase. It refers to something we do, but we don't know why. Usually the thing comes from old habits and traditions.