Nat? Nat. Nat!

Ok, let's do this. I was on a decent roll, but it wasn't a good enough habit to withstand travel, or the pre-travel anxiety I guess.

So, what's making me #happy? Well, I successfully gave a talk at SRECon to a room full of my peers (everywhere I looked, I saw ex-coworkers or friends of friends). Let me tell you, the old "imagine them in underwear" advice doesn't work when you know 20% of the crowd. People seemed to like the talk which was cool.

I also went to PAX East with @mel_cantrell right before SRECon. It was fun, but I'm realizing I'm just getting old and disconnected from the scene. I think now I just need to read things like 11 games you missed at PAX East. The game of the show for us though was totally Ultimate Chicken Horse.

Speaking of things I am excited about. Github put out A formal spec for GitHub Flavored Markdown. Considering the shitshow that is the markdown parsing on this blog, this excites me.

I've wanted my own version of Internet Archive or for a while. So I bought a few days ago and started playing with iipc/openwayback and some of the projects in machawk1/awesome-memento. Nothing to share yet, but I'm slowly working on it.

The Verge released a story on Genius laying people off and refocusing on video. This really saddens me. I love Genius's annotation stuff, even if the software is kind of horrible.

Look, there is a Google Pi API. That's fun.

I really enjoyed Reply All's Episode #90, Matt Lieber Goes to Dinner. Basically @mlieber talks to @doctorow about how YouTube and Netflix are actively working to break the internet. Tim Berners-Lee has also apparently lost it. The whole topic makes me angry. If this gets approved, I say we fork the internet.

NPR's All Songs Considered put out two great episodes though, both of which have a little Elliott Smith, which makes me happy.

@reed's team pushed out Uptime, which looks kind of cool.

An Update on Grief: How a Campaign Staffer Deals by @jesslivmo is great.

Commands as a Service with is fascinatingly weird.

Destiny Will Come To An End With T-Shirts seems about right. I love Destiny, and I wear T-Shirts, so I will be doing this.

A Simple Web Scraper in Go is a nice little read after @saturnial and I did this as a Code Kata a few days ago.

joshbuchea/HEAD: A list of everything that could go in the <head> of your document is great if you write HTML for a living.

In the money world, I read two great posts today:

That's it. Lots of other good stuff out there, but that's all for now.

Love you all, have a great week.



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I tried to write this yesterday, but it was difficult to feel happy with another mass shooting in the news. So this #happy post goes out to all those in Vegas, and those with friends and families who were injured. Also still thinking about those in Puerto Rico, Texas, and Florida.