It's twelve days until the election, and twelve is my favorite number, so I figure I'd list my twelve favorite endorsements of HRC in no particular order. Note that some of these I love because of what they are saying, not nessisarily because I love the person. In other cases, I love what they are saying and love the work they do.

  1. James Franco

  2. Wired

  3. Joss Whedon

  4. The New Yorker

  5. President Barack Obama

  6. Michael J. Morell

  7. LeBron James

  8. Cards Against Humanity

  9. The Arizona Republic

  10. The New York Times

  11. The Atlantic

  12. Lin-Manuel Miranda

If you need more, check out the Wikipedia List of Hillary Clinton presidential campaign endorsements



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Well it's July. July means it's the third quarter of the year. When the second quarter of 2016 started, I wrote a quarterly review of the first quarter of 2016. I really liked that. So I figured I'd do it again. Switching from yearly retrospectives adds an extra "umph" to remind me what I'm doing and why. It's also incredibly helpful because the campaign is forcing me to think so short term. I constantly need to recenter and remind myself what is happening, what has happened and where I am going.

Really interested to see how the indie game world will look in 2014. If it becomes a world where anyone can create a XBLA or Playstation Online game, it could be pretty awesome.