My friend @alexbaldwin has been telling me to do this for a long time, and I figure it is time to bite the bullet.

I'm going to start offering what he always calls "DevOps Super Friends" or more plainly: "Site Reliability Engineer Office Hours".

The idea is simple: I have created an email mailing list, and I'll send out announcements for office hour signups. You can book 30 minute increments, and I'll do any of the following over hangouts:

  • code reviews
  • architecture reviews
  • Advice on deployment tools, scaling, monitoring or alerting
  • Interview Practice
  • Talking about anything else that you think is "DevOps", "Site Reliability Engineering" or "Software Reconnaissance Engineering".

This is just an experiment, so please signup and I'll email out office hours in the next few days!


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Started building an Android app yesterday with @saturnial. Trying to figure the best way to integrate with databases with it though.

Parenting with the Amazon Echo is an article that presents one of my greatest fears: teaching people to trust technology blindly. Sure this is about a child-parent interaction, and the parent is just happy to have a break from fighting with his kid, but at a higher level, this article is terrifying.

I woke up to something beautiful this morning. A voice was on the radio, and it was apologising. The voice was Denis Constantine, the head of KFOG. And he was apologising for presenting a radio show which was not what the listeners wanted. A few weeks after trying something new, KFOG came on the air, said that their experiment failed, and presented its listeners with new Morning Show hosts.

This was a really inspiring and interesting episode of This American Life. Worth a listen if you've got the time.