My personal site,, was running a really old version of tachyons. So today I decided to fix it up. I haven't done the blog yet, since that'll take longer, but one step at a time.

Pull Request 11 has the diff of what changed, but here it is in pictures.

Mobile before and after


Desktop before and after



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I sadly missed Heroku's Waza this year, but thankfully they put up all of their talks online for free!

Ok, week two of #tenbysix. As a reminder this project is my attempt to build ten prototypes by June. A bunch of other Recurse Center people have pledged to participate as well.

I slept in! It was glorius.

I'm pretty hopeful for this game. Bioshock Infinite looks like a nice mix of story and action. From what I'm reading, it's pretty insane to hear about the AI and graphics and the kind of worlds people can build these days.