Listen to @replyall

So I've been listening to Reply All for a while, and I love it. The show is thoughtful and silly. Often providing insight into interesting parts of the internet I had never heard about.

But with Episode 36, the show reached a turning point. They seem to be doing stuff now where they start doing research for a show and then just go on weird fucking adventures. Episode 44 was part two in that strain of things. I hope it continues.


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After a year in London, I figured I'd write up the places I have eaten often and enjoyed. These are in no order and the organization is rough to say the least.

Ok, I won't lie to you, I lost a lot of time today to reading about Google I/O and discussing it with people. Sadly none of Google's announcements promissed a way to lower device turnover. We're still gonna have to buy a new device every year if we want the newest version of Android. It's realities like this that make me want to move to Apple devices, no matter how much better Android is.