What's making me happy 2016-11-01

#625 / / Nat Welch

November! New #happy post. New month.

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Steve Jobs Quote

#624 / / Nat Welch

A pretty great quote from Apple’s offices captrued by @backlon at today’s Apple Live event.

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12 Days, 12 Endorsements!

#623 / / Nat Welch

It’s twelve days until the election, and twelve is my favorite number, so I figure I’d list my twelve favorite endorsements of HRC in no particular order. Note that some of these I love because of what they are saying, not nessisarily because I love the person. In other cases, I love what they are saying and love the work they do.

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What's making me happy 2016-10-24

#622 / / Nat Welch

15 days until the presidential election. Let’s put up a #happy post to distract from everything that means.

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Nintendo Switch

#621 / / Nat Welch

This thing looks awesome. We don’t have a ton of details, although Engadget has a nice writeup, so just watching the really cool demo video.

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What's making me happy 2016-10-17

#620 / / Nat Welch

A few days late, but here is a #happy post. I spent most of last week sick. As such digging through my links was difficult since I apparently spent half the time just liking things on Twitter.

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Cheaper SSL on Heroku

#619 / / Nat Welch

Getting and running with SSL has always been expensive. Heroku for the longest time charged $20 a month to have a custom domain with SSL, and then it usually cost a lot of money to just buy a yearly cert (anywhere from $9 to $100 or more).

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What's making me happy 2016-10-08

#618 / / Nat Welch

It’s been a weird week, but time continues to pass. Thirty days until polls being to close. Another week down. Time for some #happy stuff.

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Podcasts on Creativity

#617 / / Nat Welch

I’ve got three podcast episodes of people talking about #creativity for you.

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Tweaking Blog Design

#616 / / Nat Welch

I upgraded to a new version of tachyons on my blog today. This is a continuation of the work I wrote about in “[Upgrading CSS on natwelch.com

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What's making me happy 2016-10-02

#614 / / Nat Welch

A #happy post on time? What a crazy concept. Wednesday through today were pretty crazy at work (had a short notice trip down to DC), so I don’t have a ton of links, but enough to keep you crazy kids entertained.

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What's making me happy 2016-09-27

#613 / / Nat Welch

Apparently it’s Tuesday. I meant to do this on Saturday… whoops.

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Twitter Mysteries

#612 / / Nat Welch

A random compromised twitter account followed me today.

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Jon Gold on AI + Typography

#611 / / Nat Welch

Damn, I just posted What’s making me happy 2016-09-20 and totally forgot to add in a fantastic post by @jongold.

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What's making me happy 2016-09-20

#610 / / Nat Welch

I feel like this week is a little shorter, but I’ve still got some #happy links for y’all.

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Upgrading CSS on natwelch.com

#608 / / Nat Welch

My personal site, natwelch.com, was running a really old version of tachyons. So today I decided to fix it up. I haven’t done the blog yet, since that’ll take longer, but one step at a time.

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What's making me happy 2016-09-11

#607 / / Nat Welch

Today we remember 9 / 11. Fifteen years ago, a terrorist attack shook the world as thousands were hurt and killed. On such a somber day, it’s important to remember this tragedy, but also remember a few things that make us #happy so we can soldier on.

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What's making me happy 2016-09-04

#606 / / Nat Welch

It’s a beautiful Sunday here in Brooklyn, so it’s time for another #happy post!

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What's making me happy 2016-08-30

#602 / / Nat Welch

Ok, so I actually broke my blog this week, so I couldn’t post my #happy post until I fixed it. One of the downsides of artisanal web apps: it’s your fault if they break. But we’re back, so I’m back!

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Creating a RaspberryPi Kiosk

#601 / / Nat Welch

I love having things on my walls. I love screens just showing random stuff. I’ve recently discovered how easy it is to make an inactive screen that just displays content.

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What's making me happy 2016-08-21

#600 / / Nat Welch

This is another post in my continuing series of things that I am consuming online that are making me #happy.

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What's making me happy 2016-08-14

#599 / / Nat Welch

Sunday #happy link post.

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Don't laugh at other's downtime

#598 / / Nat Welch

While I was at Google, I heard a piece of advice (I think from @xleem… or maybe @isomer?), which I think about often:

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#597 / / Nat Welch

I like to write. I’m happier when I have a random idea for a blog post, and then sit down and pound it out.

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What's making me happy 2016-08-07

#596 / / Nat Welch

Hey all, #happy time.

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First Seven Jobs

#595 / / Nat Welch

There’s a whole hashtag thing going on on twitter called #firstsevenjobs. According to Twitter Moments, a tweet by Marian Call started the whole thing.

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The problem is always people.

#594 / / Nat Welch

Another reminder that the problem is always people. Technology is great for spreading information and improving the world, but never forget, people created that technology, and people use the technology… and people always fuck up. Always.

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World Sized Code Changes

#593 / / Nat Welch

Google has one single codebase. It’s one gigantic repo with all of the code inside of it. Google always builds its projects from head, which means if you change an API, and lots of people use it, you need to update their code as well.

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What's making me happy 2016-07-31

#592 / / Nat Welch

Ok, it’s been a real long while, but lets try and do a #happy post. I’ll try and not include a single article on US Politics, even though that’s a large portion of my media intake these days.

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Happy SysAdmin Day 2016

#591 / / Nat Welch

It is once again, SysAdmin Day. When I remember (or when the day shows up on my social media), I like to celebrate this day.

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