What's making me happy 2016-12-10

#629 / / Nat Welch

I’m currently sitting on a chair up in rainy Northern California. Listening to music, drinking coffee and browsing the internet. Political news has continued to be incredibly depressing, so let’s focus on the #happy.

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#615 / / Nat Welch

My friend @alexbaldwin has been telling me to do this for a long time, and I figure it is time to bite the bullet.

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What's making me happy 2016-12-06

#628 / / Nat Welch

It’s time for a #happy post. Maybe next week I’ll get it done on a Saturday… but what is time?

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What's making me happy 2016-11-25

#627 / / Nat Welch

What's making me happy 2016-11-01

#625 / / Nat Welch

November! New #happy post. New month.

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Steve Jobs Quote

#624 / / Nat Welch

A pretty great quote from Apple’s offices captrued by @backlon at today’s Apple Live event.

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12 Days, 12 Endorsements!

#623 / / Nat Welch

It’s twelve days until the election, and twelve is my favorite number, so I figure I’d list my twelve favorite endorsements of HRC in no particular order. Note that some of these I love because of what they are saying, not nessisarily because I love the person. In other cases, I love what they are saying and love the work they do.

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What's making me happy 2016-10-24

#622 / / Nat Welch

15 days until the presidential election. Let’s put up a #happy post to distract from everything that means.

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Nintendo Switch

#621 / / Nat Welch

This thing looks awesome. We don’t have a ton of details, although Engadget has a nice writeup, so just watching the really cool demo video.

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What's making me happy 2016-10-17

#620 / / Nat Welch

A few days late, but here is a #happy post. I spent most of last week sick. As such digging through my links was difficult since I apparently spent half the time just liking things on Twitter.

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Cheaper SSL on Heroku

#619 / / Nat Welch

Getting and running with SSL has always been expensive. Heroku for the longest time charged $20 a month to have a custom domain with SSL, and then it usually cost a lot of money to just buy a yearly cert (anywhere from $9 to $100 or more).

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What's making me happy 2016-10-08

#618 / / Nat Welch

It’s been a weird week, but time continues to pass. Thirty days until polls being to close. Another week down. Time for some #happy stuff.

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Podcasts on Creativity

#617 / / Nat Welch

I’ve got three podcast episodes of people talking about #creativity for you.

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Tweaking Blog Design

#616 / / Nat Welch

I upgraded to a new version of tachyons on my blog today. This is a continuation of the work I wrote about in “[Upgrading CSS on natwelch.com

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What's making me happy 2016-10-02

#614 / / Nat Welch

A #happy post on time? What a crazy concept. Wednesday through today were pretty crazy at work (had a short notice trip down to DC), so I don’t have a ton of links, but enough to keep you crazy kids entertained.

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What's making me happy 2016-09-27

#613 / / Nat Welch

Apparently it’s Tuesday. I meant to do this on Saturday… whoops.

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Twitter Mysteries

#612 / / Nat Welch

A random compromised twitter account followed me today.

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Jon Gold on AI + Typography

#611 / / Nat Welch

Damn, I just posted What’s making me happy 2016-09-20 and totally forgot to add in a fantastic post by @jongold.

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What's making me happy 2016-09-20

#610 / / Nat Welch

I feel like this week is a little shorter, but I’ve still got some #happy links for y’all.

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Upgrading CSS on natwelch.com

#608 / / Nat Welch

My personal site, natwelch.com, was running a really old version of tachyons. So today I decided to fix it up. I haven’t done the blog yet, since that’ll take longer, but one step at a time.

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What's making me happy 2016-09-11

#607 / / Nat Welch

Today we remember 9 / 11. Fifteen years ago, a terrorist attack shook the world as thousands were hurt and killed. On such a somber day, it’s important to remember this tragedy, but also remember a few things that make us #happy so we can soldier on.

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What's making me happy 2016-09-04

#606 / / Nat Welch

It’s a beautiful Sunday here in Brooklyn, so it’s time for another #happy post!

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What's making me happy 2016-08-30

#602 / / Nat Welch

Ok, so I actually broke my blog this week, so I couldn’t post my #happy post until I fixed it. One of the downsides of artisanal web apps: it’s your fault if they break. But we’re back, so I’m back!

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Creating a RaspberryPi Kiosk

#601 / / Nat Welch

I love having things on my walls. I love screens just showing random stuff. I’ve recently discovered how easy it is to make an inactive screen that just displays content.

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What's making me happy 2016-08-21

#600 / / Nat Welch

This is another post in my continuing series of things that I am consuming online that are making me #happy.

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What's making me happy 2016-08-14

#599 / / Nat Welch

Sunday #happy link post.

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Don't laugh at other's downtime

#598 / / Nat Welch

While I was at Google, I heard a piece of advice (I think from @xleem… or maybe @isomer?), which I think about often:

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#597 / / Nat Welch

I like to write. I’m happier when I have a random idea for a blog post, and then sit down and pound it out.

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What's making me happy 2016-08-07

#596 / / Nat Welch

Hey all, #happy time.

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First Seven Jobs

#595 / / Nat Welch

There’s a whole hashtag thing going on on twitter called #firstsevenjobs. According to Twitter Moments, a tweet by Marian Call started the whole thing.

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